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Spring is here !!! & summer is just around the corner –

May 29th, 2011

Circle and Picket Tree Guard

We are renaming the block association

East 93rd Street Block and Neighborhood Association

to incorporate our neighbors in the East 90’s.  We would also like to welcome two new board members, Brenda B. Hersh from The Waterford and Melissa A. Murray from East 92nd Street. We are pleased to be expanding our outreach and our work in the neighborhood and the east 90’s.

The first of our many planned beautification projects will begin next week  – clean up of our tree wells along  both sides of 93rd Street between First and Second Avenue –

We have engaged Green KeepersGreen Keepers is Goddard Riverside’s social purpose business that provides horticulture and sanitation services throughout the New York City area to clean up all the tree wells along both sides of East 93rd Street. 

  • They will remove old brick, dirt, debris, loosen soil as well as add new soil and nutrients to a total of 14 trees and install tree guards on selected trees *. 
  •  We will also be installing both perennial and seasonal plantings in the tree wells. 

The work will officially start Wednesday June 1 (weather permitting) and we are very excited  that this project has finally become a reality. This could not have been accomplished without the many donations we have received from our residents, building owers and neighborhood businesses.

*We have limited funds so the remaining trees will not receive tree guards at this time – unless we can raise more funds !!! 

Many residents, building owners, and businesses have already joined – many have given more than one donation.   However, we would like to challenge our neighborhood residents to raise money for the remaining trees. 

If you have not already made a contribution or joined the block association  you can make a difference and help add 10 additional tree guards to our block, as well as help with seasonal maintenance and plantings. 

The Tree Guard is being made by Kaufman Iron Works – style D – a circle and picket design and will be sloped to the sidewalk to take into account for parked cars above is a photo of the style of tree guard that will be installed

If residents in the neighborhood would like to contribute to the tree guard installations the cost per tree guard is $800. While this is a tall sum please ask your neighbors if they would consider pitching in any amount to add another tree guard, pay for seasonal plantings or  maintenance.  If you haven’t joined our organization it’s as  little as $5.00 a year and can be paid by credit card on our website any amount will help with the beautification of our street and neighborhood.

Please help water the trees and the plantings !

To keep the trees and plantings attractive and healthy it is very important that they get enough water. As you well know, summers in New York  have their share of very hot days and often periods of drought. We very much need the assistance of the superintendents on the block. 

We are also designing signs for each tree well to remind our neighbors with pets to bring their dog to the curb and keep our tree wells litter free ! 

Let’s improve the quality of the streetscape in the East 90’s.  After so many years of neglect our streets can and will improve with the help of our residents!!!!

For more information or if you would like to know which trees still need tree guards, learn more about our organization or to donate, please visit out website at